A torque arm can significantly improve your assembly line's ergonomics.

What is a Torque Arm? Why You Need One to Improve Worker Safety

Work on assembly lines depends on repetition, and using power torque tools to perform the same task over and over is tiring. Employee fatigue dramatically increases the possibility of errors that reduce the reliability of the final product. These repetitive motions on assembly lines also carry the risk of repetitive stress injuries that can result…

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Proper torque tools are needed for commercial refrigeration repair.

Why Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Require Top Torque Tools

In refrigeration, you don’t actually cool a room, refrigerator, or freezer. Instead, you pump the heat out, and doing so requires an arrangement of tubing, blowers, compressors, and evaporators all connected with fittings. If a fitting is left loose, a service valve cap might leak, releasing its refrigerant. If you tighten it too much, you…

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Torque tools are needed for effective overhead crane repair.

Overhead Crane Repair Services Rely on Pro Torque Tools

Overhead cranes are critical infrastructure for the industries which use them, including shipping, rail, freight, warehousing, metallurgy, paper production, heavy manufacturing, and any industry where heavy weights must be continually lifted in the same area. When an overhead crane goes out of service, it can bottleneck significant portions, or the entirety, of a company’s daily…

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Quality torque tools help ensure safety when repairing scuba gear.

The Importance of Using Torque Tools for Scuba Repair

Scuba diving can be a wonderful experience. Whether witnessing the multiplicity of ocean life in the reefs and kelp forests or mapping hidden caves in mountain lakes, scuba divers experience an element unknown to those of us who walk above. But with that comes an element of danger. Scuba divers—from coastal tourists to scientists to…

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