Screw Presenters Stop Screw Fumbles

Prevent Screw Fumbles with a Screw Presenter

Assemblers fumble around with screws daily during the fastening process. The repetition of grabbing small fasteners from a bin is tedious and time-consuming. The constant repetition of picking-up and fumbling around with hundreds and hundreds of screws on a daily basis impacts productivity and costs. It’s an unnecessary expense and an inefficient process. Also, a…

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Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge with ESD torque tools

Avoiding Electrostatic Discharge in the Assembly Process

Do you believe in ghosts? If you are a manufacturing engineer, or find yourself involved anywhere within the production environment for microelectronic products, you should at least believe in the invisible reality of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). For nothing can harm a product more than the specter of catastrophic or latent failure caused by an ESD…

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SD Series Torque & Automation Tool

Innovative Torque Control Systems for Automation and Robotic Fastening Applications

As new products emerge and demand grows, the manufacturing process is evolving rapidly. Automation and manufacturing engineers must adapt quickly and solve new sophisticated production challenges. There are many opportunities to improve the production process. Refining manufacturing methods and implementing automation equipment are significant opportunities. Innovative automation fastening systems provide the ability to quickly transform…

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Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

Clean Room Manufacturing with Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

Manufacturing electronic, semiconductor, biotech and medical devices demand care and precision. Often a controlled environment is needed during the production process to limit the amount of dust, particles and other contaminants in the manufacturing area. A clean room environment controls the level of contamination. Eliminating any sub-micron airborne contamination is a controlled process. Clean rooms…

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MTX Low Torque Sensor

Measuring Low Torque With a Torque Sensor

The MTX is a low torque sensor designed for calibrating and testing small hand screwdrivers, torque wrenches and power tools. With the sensor’s low profile design, the calibration instrument can also be used for testing automation and robotic fastening applications. These versatile MTX torque sensors are used in conjunction with a torque tester. A torque…

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Linear Torque Arms

Torque Arm Improves Safety & Ergonomics in Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is constantly evolving in response to customer needs and emerging technology. Managing the assembly workstation, tooling requirements, production flow and employee safety is indeed a challenge. The daily repetitive fastening process exposes your assemblers to potential stress injuries. Increasing your awareness of ergonomic challenges and looking for ways to improve operator safety…

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Quick Guide – Selecting Metric Nuts

The essential purpose of any nut is to mate with a bolt to discourage the bolt from loosening its grip against a surface. When you thread a nut onto a bolt until it sits tight against the opposite side of the surface from the bolt head, you create a kind of stress on the threads…

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