Soft-stop electric torque screwdrivers are ideal for working with plastic assembly fasteners.

Protecting Plastic Assembly Fasteners for Appliances with Soft-Stop Electric Torque Screwdrivers

Modern appliance manufacturers must work continuously to improve the efficiency of their operations in the face of stiff competition domestically and abroad. Producing household or commercial appliances—like dishwashers, washing machines, or televisions—requires a faster pace and greater accuracy than ever to meet the market’s demands for speed and volume. At the same time, lightweight, inexpensive…

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Accurate torque tools are needed for modern robotics.

Modern Robotics Require Precise Torque Control in Assembly

We’ve come a long way since Rossum’s Universal Robots. Robots today are rising in every industry, from manufacturing to agriculture to warehousing and logistics. Such robots are tasked with delicate, dangerous, and demanding tasks which require power and precision. As such, companies manufacturing robots must build to careful specifications to make certain the robots are…

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Ensuring Theme Park Safety with High-Quality Torque Tools

Theme parks are a fantastic American tradition. What’s more fun than strapping yourself to a metal seat that will hurtle you upside down at 80 mph? Harking back to the days of traveling carnival barkers and the roadside attractions (world’s largest frying pan!) of early U.S. highway culture, theme parks are a unique and colorful…

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Torque wrenches with interchangeable heads are useful for manufacturers needing versatility.

Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches Enhance Manufacturer Versatility

It doesn’t all come down to nuts and bolts. Specialty manufacturers of aerospace or automotive parts, medical devices, and packaging often must deliver precise amounts of torque to non-standard fasteners. The range of non-standard fasteners is broad enough to escape simple description, but examples include eye-bolts, clevises, oil filters, syringe caps, and even hex-head bolts…

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Getting your torque wrenches properly calibrated is an essential step.

How Much Do Torque Wrench Calibration Services Cost?

If you’re operating a manufacturing or service facility that uses torque wrenches, knowing the cost of calibrating your tools is essential to generating an accurate projected summary of ongoing costs. Torque tools require calibration. If the products you create or service have torque tolerances specific enough to require torque tools, you’ll need to periodically calibrate…

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