Power torque tools improve assembly efficiency.

Power Torque Tools Combine Precision and Speed to Reduce Errors for Productive Assembly

When seeking tooling solutions, modern manufacturers must prize two qualities above the rest: speed and precision. Both speed and precision have a direct impact on product volume, which has a direct impact on profitability. Being able to quickly, accurately assemble products, from low-end electronics to zero-tolerance internal medical devices, predicts success in the fast-paced global…

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Electronics manufacturing requires the right torque tools.

Ideal Torque Screwdrivers for Improving Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly Quality

Electronics manufacturing and assembly poses unique challenges. The need for miniaturization necessitates the use of small screws and delicate substrates. In addition, electronic components can be damaged beyond repair by the inadvertent discharge of static electricity from torque tools. Finally, the volume at which electronics must often be manufactured to ensure profitability requires high-speed, low-maintenance…

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