Segment Arms by Mountz

Calibration Guide for Torque Testers & Sensors

A torque analyzer or a torque sensor are a finely tuned instrument designed for testing and monitoring torque applications. Designed for torque evaluation and verification, a torque analyzer and sensor are a laboratory grade instruments commonly used for quality control, R&D and calibration applications. In order to maintain accuracy, it is crucial that torque measuring equipment…

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Torque Automation Systems

Assembly automation is making large strides forward due to rapid advances in torque and fastening technology. Torque control systems are expediting all aspects of the automation process from installing error-proofing disciplines to the implementation of adaptive fastening strategies. Manufacturing automation is about tailoring and integrating a diversity of torque control technologies to enable an effective,…

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Demystifying Torque: What You Should Know

To many manufacturers, the concept of torque is a mystery. Ask them to describe the physics of torque and you’ll likely meet a blank stare. Cracking open a dictionary won’t help much either. To the layman the definition reads like a foreign language that owes more to mysticism than science. Despite the confusion, proper control…

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EF-Series with Power Supply

Electric Screwdrivers for Low-Torque Assembly

As manufacturing ramps for a product, engineers often search for tooling options to increase productivity, lower costs  and reduce potential torque failures. Power driven screwdrivers are suitable for an assortment of assembly applications. Electric torque screwdrivers are designed for precision torque control and ensure product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall assembly failures.…

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Adjustable Torque Screwdriver - Mountz

Accurate Torque Control with an Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Field service and maintenance fastening applications often require a tool that delivers both torque control and the flexibility to easily adjust to different torque values. The Micro Torque screwdriver is an externally adjustable torque tool that offers different setting options for applications that require more than one torque value. The adjustable torque screwdriver features an…

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Setting Preset Torque Screwdrivers

How to Set the Torque for a Preset Torque Screwdriver

A threaded fastener used for any assembly process requires proper torque control. Without it manufacturing engineers will end up dealing with the unnecessary issues to resolve product failures. Investigating fastening failures in the manufacturing process is costly and time-consuming. Mountz preset screwdrivers use the trusted cam-over technology that eliminates torque failures and are designed and…

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Just Breathe

Fernanda’s Story

As part of the Core Values at Mountz, caring about people is a key element to who we are as people. Julisa Avalos, a Mountz Customer Care team member, recently shared a story about her niece, Fernanda, with the Mountz staff. Her niece is battling a deadly disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Fernanda was diagnosed with…

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TSP Cam-Over Torque Wrench

Small Preset Cam-Over Wrench Delivers Precision Torque Control

Throughout the fastening process, a common risk for torque failures is the operator’s influence of operating a torque tool. Often, some types of wrenches are susceptible to torque failures and over torque occurrences. Inadequate tool or process training, as well as an operator’s decision to apply additional force are common symptoms for quality control failures.…

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