Torque Wrench Calibration System

Torque Wrench Calibration with a Mechanical Torque Wrench Loader

The Loading Bench by Mountz Inc. is a laboratory grade instrument designed to enable accurate torque wrench calibration with less physical effort. The Loading Bench simulates torque application conditions with minimum effort and enhanced safety for the calibration technician assuring a more accurate calibration. The calibration instrument enables quick and easy torque wrench calibration and…

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Torque Calibration Wheel

How to Calibrate Torque Testers or Torque Sensors

Torque calibration equipment is the official means by which torque testers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T, ISO. A calibration is the method of comparing tools and measuring devices to higher accuracy standards. Mountz offers Calibration Wheels and Segment Arms for calibrating torque testers and…

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TSP Slipper Wrench

Ensure Accurate, Proper Torque Control is Applied to Fasteners with Small Cam-Over Torque Wrenches

In maintenance and manufacturing applications where consistent and accurate torque control is absolutely necessary, Mountz, Inc. offers the TSC & TSP cam-over torque wrenches. These torque wrenches are designed to deliver reliable and precise torque control for torque applications that do not tolerate over-torque conditions. Improper torque control increases manufacturing costs and delays. Designed for…

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EFW Electric Torque Multiplier

Precision Tightening & Loosening of Heavy Duty Fastening Applications

From tightening large industrial bolts used in windmill gearbox assemblies to bolting maintenance applications for oil & gas pipelines and rigs, the Mountz electric torque multipliers achieve precision torque in a quick, cost-efficient manner. The electric torque multiplier shuts-off when pre-set torque is achieved. It’s a non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation; the…

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Guide for Selecting a Rotary Torque Sensor: Brush vs. Brushless Models

The accurate measurement of torque applied to rotating drives and fastening applications is an important criterion for evaluating production efficiency and quality assurance in manufacturing and assembly. There are many process monitoring applications that require rotary style torque sensor be used to capture and record traceable measurement results. A rotary torque sensor is a finely…

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The Importance of Torque Calibration

Regular torque tool calibration and re-calibration guarantees the operator repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards. Calibration also ensures torque equipment is operating to peak performance and can highlight potential tooling problems before they arise perhaps due to tool wear or broken components. Torque calibration equipment can be found in many industry sectors such as:…

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Torque Values

Understanding Torque Values

Generally, in the majority of applications, the reliability of the joint is dependent upon the bolts ability to clamp the parts together. Adequate clamping prevents relative motion between parts of the joint and leakage from joints containing gaskets. Measuring a bolts clamp force is difficult, especially under production assembly conditions. The clamp force generated by…

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