New Online Virtual Car Show

New Online Virtual Car Show – “At the Track”

MountzPro® launches “At the Track“, a new daily “car show” blog. The new online virtual car show allows all car enthusiasts to share and display pictures of their car and how they’ve modified their ride. It’s a show for classic cars, muscle cars, exotic cars, supercars, trucks, motorcycles and everyday cars, all in one. MountzPro…

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Electric Screwdriver with Built-in Screwdriver

Detect and Prevent Fastening Errors

Counting screws is not the new song title from the rock band “Counting Crows.” Screw counting is a quality control process utilized in the manufacturing environment. Tightening hundreds and hundreds fasteners daily, assembly operators can forget to fasten some screws here or there during the monotonous routine. For complex fastening regimes with multiple screws on…

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Hand Torque Multiplier

Remote Power

Pipelines that stretch across miles and miles of vast open, remote land transporting liquids and gases require maintenance. Deep below the surface in an underground mining operation, large industrial vehicles or tools require routine maintenance. The large bolts used to securely join sections of pipes and valves together or used with mining vehicles require torque…

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Tool Balancers

Tool Balancers Provide Easy Handling and Comfort

In a manufacturing workstation, having a clean, organized and ergonomic work area enhances productivity and improves the assembly time and process. Safety at the workstation is a key aspect that managers need to review on a continuous ongoing basis. Exposure to high forces, awkward postures, lifting, and repetition are some common activities that can performed…

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Preset Torque Screwdriver

Preset Torque Screwdrivers

A preset torque screwdriver is similar to a person setting an alarm clock to signal the achievement of a selected time. The torque screwdriver is pre-set to the required torque value of the application and then the tool signals the operator when torque is achieved. A preset torque screwdriver does not feature an external adjustment…

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