Thread Forming Screws

Thread-Forming Screws Make Their Own Way

So you need to drive a metric screw into plastic, wood or sheet metal, but there isn’t a threaded hole where you’d normally need one? Well, if you have the right screw, there’s no need to spend valuable time setting up a tap to create female-threaded holes precisely mated to the screws you want to…

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Torque Wrenches

Improving Fastening Results with 5 Tips from an Expert

Solving fastening problems is about controlling variables or eliminating potential causes that create an unwanted fastening event. Let’s take a look at common unwanted fastening events. Cross threading, thread or component stripping, unseated fasteners, missing screws, nut or bolt (omissions) these are all evident events of failure that we can see with our eyes. Thank…

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Torque Tester

Implementation of Torque Tester Improves First Pass Rating for Heater Mfg

A heater manufacturing company was experiencing improper torque control, which was costing them money in rework time and product being damaged by the assembly tools that they were using on the production floor. The heater manufacturer assembles floorboard heaters and in-wall bathroom heaters for residential construction.  A deformation with the coated sheet metal used to…

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Automated Screwdrivers

Improve Assembly and Manufacturing Practices with Automated Screwdrivers

For many manufactures, the assembly process can signify one of the highest direct labor costs. These costs can be tremendously reduced through automation. Today’s fastening process is really about providing quality torque control for manufacturers with a greater ability to achieve repeatable performance, optimize production and remain cost competitive. As manufactures look to improve assembly…

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Torque Screwdriver

Control of the Clamping Force in Production

The clamping force is the main factor that is needed in controlling a fastened joint. Unfortunately, for large-scale production, no particular method has yet been developed to allow us to do this. Therefore, instead we must control other parameters that influence the clamping force. In this day in age, the most common method of controlling…

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Railroad Ties Securely Bolted with Electric Torque Multiplier

In large construction projects there are many factors that cause delays and unplanned expenses. Some are uncontrollable like weather. Other factors such as improper planning, lack of workers, or inadequate tooling are controllable. Selecting an improper tool for one aspect of a project can cause delays, rework and costs increases.  Worldwide, impact wrenches are a…

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