Preset Torque Screwdriver

Preset Torque Screwdrivers

A preset torque screwdriver is similar to a person setting an alarm clock to signal the achievement of a selected time. The torque screwdriver is pre-set to the required torque value of the application and then the tool signals the operator when torque is achieved. A preset torque screwdriver does not feature an external adjustment…

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Verify and Validate the Torque Output of a Pulse Tool

Built for high production environments, FlexPower pulse tools provide durability, power and speed for most industrial assembly applications. To maintain consistent accuracy, the torque output for pulse tools must be verified periodically. You should also validate the actual torque being applied to the fastener by auditing the joint application. The goal for auditing is to…

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Slot Machine Fabrication with Torque Tools

Torque Control Takes the Gamble Out of Slot Machine Fabrication

Quality and reliability form the foundation upon which new companies build their futures and stake their reputations. As consumers, we are largely unaware of the painstaking pre-production steps and choices that companies make in order to develop products and assure their reliability. One of the most challenging steps that face these fledgling manufacturers is the…

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Screw Counter

Screw Counter Reduces Costly Screw-Fastening Errors

A screw counter helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Using a screw counter is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most – right on the assembly area. The Scout screw counter from Mountz Inc. verifies that all fasteners have been…

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Setting Torque for Pulse Tool

Setting the Torque for a Pulse Tool

Pulse tools increase productivity and enhance product quality through precision torque control and user comfort. Regular tool calibration ensures repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards. A pulse tool is a power tool that must be properly calibrated and maintained. Torque testing ensures the pulse tool is operating at peak performance and can highlight any potential…

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Linear Torque Arm

Ergonomic Mindset Helps Ensure Safer Conditions

When using a power tool, torque control is only one element engineers must resolve and get dialed in for a fastening application. There are other issues that engineers should pay attention to as well. Is there any potential ergonomic issues that may arise from the application? What about cross threading and side load occurring as…

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