A torque arm can significantly improve your assembly line's ergonomics.

What is a Torque Arm? Why You Need One to Improve Worker Safety

Work on assembly lines depends on repetition, and using power torque tools to perform the same task over and over is tiring. Employee fatigue dramatically increases the possibility of errors that reduce the reliability of the final product. These repetitive motions on assembly lines also carry the risk of repetitive stress injuries that can result…

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Mountz Torque Webinar: April 17, 2019. Going from Good to Great: How to Improve Assembly Productivity through Better Torque Management

This dynamic webinar hosted by Mountz, The Torque Tool Specialists ® and in association with Assembly magazine, focuses on applications and trends in torque management. You will learn the secrets to improving productivity, reducing costs, and creating more control over your assembly line which also increases safety for line-workers and end-users. Hosted by David Cash,…

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