Ergonomic Torque Arms

Preventing Costly Ergonomic Issues in the Assembly Area

As repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, continue to increase in the assembly workplace, awareness of ergonomic solutions should be on the radar for many companies. If not, the cost for workers’ compensation claims will become a costly and growing issue. According to OSHA, “repetitive stress injuries (RSI), comprise more than one hundred different…

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Pulse Tools

Key Reasons for Selecting a Safe Ergonomic Pulse Tool

A pulse tool has the speed of an impact wrench with nearly the repeatability of a clutch based shut-off torque tool. Containing precision-machined parts the pulse unit is a sealed chamber that is filled with a formulated hydraulic fluid. Pulse blades with a custom designed precision roller push the fluid inside the rotating chamber generating…

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Torque Multiplier

Securely Fasten Large Bolts with a Torque Multiplier

The CLD pneumatic torque multiplier provides precision tightening and loosening of all heavy-duty fastening connections. The torque multiplier shuts-off when the pre-set torque is achieved. It’s non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation. The pneumatic wrench increases speed and productivity, as it is faster than a hydraulic wrench and is less expensive. The tool…

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Torque Auditing After the Assembly Process

Torque measurement is paramount for many manufacturers. Simply running a fastener or bolt down until it’s snug and tight and assuming the torque control process is complete, is no longer sufficient. Measuring torque doesn’t stop once the assembly process is complete. As part of the overall quality control process, manufacturers should include a “Torque Auditing” program.…

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Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

Durable Brushless Electric Screwdriver Provides Accuracy and Precision

The E-DRIV HF-Series is a new line of brushless electric torque screwdrivers that provide a high torque range capacity. These power tools ensure quality and reduce overall assembly failures. The brushless electric screwdriver is built for precision torque control. Designed for high production environments, the HF-Series tools feature a high performance Swiss Maxon brushless motor design,…

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Torque Tester

Versatile Torque Tester for Measuring Torque & Pulse Counts

The Torquemate® FTA-100 is a torque tester by Mountz, Inc. designed for torque testing and calibrating torque tools. The digital torque tester provides exceptional accuracy for measuring torque on various torque tools including pulse tools, hand screwdrivers, torque wrenches and power assembly tools. The small size and portability of the torque analyzer makes it ideal…

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