Mountz 50th Anniversary

History of Sharing Profit with Employees

Early in its existence Mountz, Inc. embraced a profit sharing plan. The company’s attorney and Board member, Mr. Bill Walters designed the original plan in the early 1970s. The main reason for starting a profit sharing plan was to reward and retain loyal employees. As Mountz, Inc. grew it became clear that employee contributions and…

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The History of Mountz Alabama

In February 1968 Lorna and Don Mountz purchased 40 acres of her family’s farm in Foley, Alabama. The site originally consisted of a creek (headwaters of the Magnolia River), a swamp, pine trees and cleared farmland. For the first ten or twelve years the land remained a farm and the cleared ground was rented to…

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Mountz ETA Torque Tester

Mountz the Pioneer of Electronic Torque Measurement

The Mountz ETA (Electronic Torque Analyzer) System originated in the early 1970s based on a need for the U.S. Navy Polaris Missile Program. With the assistance of Lockheed Missile & Space Co., the primary contractor, Mountz was awarded a development contract for 50 ETA systems. The first system encompassed a strain gauge torsion bar transducer…

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AMPEX VR-3000 (1967)

The Evolution of the Mountz TB Break-Over Torque Wrench

The Mountz TB or Torque Break-Over Wrench came to life to fill a customer application request in the late 1960s. AMPEX Corporation, founded in 1944, in San Carlos, California by Alexander M. Poniatoff was a pioneer in early audio and film recording and later data instrumentation devices. The name AMPEX was an acronym for the…

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Calibration Hex Step Adapter

Calibration Hex Step Adapter for Testing Open End Wrenches

When calibrating or testing torque wrenches, often adapters are needed. Especially wrenches with open-end heads. Testing wrenches with different open end sizes will mean you need a variety of different size adapters. Why waste time with searching for different size adapters? The time needed to remove and insert different size adapters is unnecessary. An adapter…

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Dick Mountz – Talented Toolmaker & Designer

Dick Mountz joined Mountz, Inc., in January 1975. Much discussion occurred within both families regarding Dick joining his brother’s business. The company required an experienced toolmaker and machinist to help meet the demand of customer specials as the “Customizing” part of the business was rapidly growing. Dick had acquired excellent machining skills from an early…

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Torque Impacts our Daily Lives

Torque Impacts Our Daily Lives

Torque is not something that we think about on a daily basis. We may never think about its importance or what it provides us. Torque impacts our daily lives. Torque surrounds us. Millions and millions of 4,000 pound automobiles zip along the roads daily. Twelve ton jets ascend to our skies hourly transporting our colleagues,…

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Foley Map

What do Super Bowl XLIX and Mountz Inc. have in Common?

The answer may not be obvious, but the answer behind this question is pretty interesting. That answer is Foley, Alabama. So why is that interesting? The worldwide distribution center of Mountz, Inc. is located in Foley, Alabama. An interesting fact about Foley, Alabama is that it is a rural town near the Gulf of Mexico.…

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