Medical device manufacturing requires accurate torque tools.

How to Boost Quality and Control in the Medical Device Manufacturing Process

Precision is everything in manufacturing, and that is doubly true for medical devices. Accurate testing and diagnostics depend on every fastener and joint being tightly connected, signals passing through at exactly the right wavelength without interference, and encountering exactly the right resistance. The need for exacting precision is why a Fortune 500 Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer…

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A torque arm can significantly improve your assembly line's ergonomics.

What is a Torque Arm? Why You Need One to Improve Worker Safety

Work on assembly lines depends on repetition, and using power torque tools to perform the same task over and over is tiring. Employee fatigue dramatically increases the possibility of errors that reduce the reliability of the final product. These repetitive motions on assembly lines also carry the risk of repetitive stress injuries that can result…

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The Best Preset Torque Screwdriver in the World for Advanced Process and Quality Control

Companies in many industries depend on advanced process and quality control to meet the demands of modern markets. Whether it’s to reduce lost product by improving fastening results or to prevent liability with ironclad process management, companies seek the right tools. In industries with narrow fastening tolerances—including medical manufacturing, semiconductors, aerospace and defense, general instrumentation,…

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Power torque tools improve assembly efficiency.

Power Torque Tools Combine Precision and Speed to Reduce Errors for Productive Assembly

When seeking tooling solutions, modern manufacturers must prize two qualities above the rest: speed and precision. Both speed and precision have a direct impact on product volume, which has a direct impact on profitability. Being able to quickly, accurately assemble products, from low-end electronics to zero-tolerance internal medical devices, predicts success in the fast-paced global…

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