Position Control Torque Arms

How to Ensure Screws are Fastened in the Correct Tightening Sequence

Did you know that an incorrect screw fastening sequence can provide unreliable results? The wrong sequence could cause manufacturing failures and add additional rework expenses. Joint relaxation occurs to some extent in all fastened joints and is a problem in joints where gaskets, or parts such as spring washers and plastics, are utilized. It can…

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Torque Wrenches

Guide for Selecting a Precision Torque Wrench to Improve Process Control

In any application where the fastening of bolts and screws is critical—which includes aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics, and packaging industries, to name a few—businesses depend on torque tools to deliver the precise amount of force necessary to hold a fastener in place indefinitely. Whether you’re in manufacturing or maintenance, the most important attributes your…

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Mountz Mini MD-Series smart screwdriver systems

Improve Process Control for Micro Torque Fastening Applications

Micro-sized screws are essential for microelectronic components, and each fastener must receive the right amount of torque to prevent defects. To keep miniature screws from coming loose or breaking, manufacturing engineers need a solution to apply precision torque control for these delicate components. Mountz’s Mini MD-Series smart screwdriver system provides manufacturers with the latest micro…

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Learn 5 Key Error Prevention Techniques for the Assembly Process

Solving fastening errors is about controlling variables or eliminating potential risks that create an unwanted fastening event. Mistake proofing is the quickest path to zero defects and is a critical enabler for efficient manufacturing. Preventing errors during the tightening process improves manufacturers’ quality control by reducing the number of defective products pulled from the assembly…

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Ergonomic Torque Arms

How Assembly Line Ergonomics Boosts Productivity and Keeps Workers Safe

Flat-pack furniture famously exported by Scandinavia offers practical lessons about the importance of assembly line ergonomics. Assembling the furniture doesn’t seem difficult, especially if you have your own power tools, along with the small disposable screwdrivers and hex keys that come with the furniture. However, once you have it assembled, you may find your hands…

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Scout Screw Counter

Reduce Costly Screw-Fastening Errors with the Scout Screw Counter

The Scout screw counter is an error-prevention device that detects and eliminates costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Using a screw counter is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most – right in the assembly area. Fastener tracking devices, like a Scout screw counter, count…

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Torque Calibration Program

How to Create an Effective Torque Measurement & Calibration Program

Manufacturing products of consistent quality requires the ability to monitor and measure torque. Quality control starts with processes. For engineers, implementing an entire torque measurement program is essential for success at all levels. Simply running a fastener or bolt down until it’s snug and tight and assuming the torque control process is complete is no…

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Contract Manufacturing with Torque Tools

How to Confirm Torque Values from Contract Manufacturers

Modern manufacturing is global. One company’s product—like a sedan, a tractor, or an airliner—may be made of materials from dozens of countries and assembled in dozens more. No matter how many smaller contract manufacturers are involved in creating a final product—whether one or two hundred—only one company is ultimately responsible for the final project. The…

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